Life expectancy discrepancy ‘unacceptable’

Commenting on World Health Organisation figures detailing the relative life expectancy of men in Lenzie (82) and Calton (54), Jo Swinson MP said:

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Bearsden pupils quiz Jo

Politics was brought to life for Bearsden Academy’s Higher Politics class today, as Jo Swinson joined pupils learning about contemporary political issues.

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Jo listens to Lenzie Moss safety concerns

Jo Swinson with Cathy Dearden walking to Lenzie Moss Primary

Jo joined the walk to school to witness the road safety problems

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Jo welcomes Tavish Scott to Scottish party leadership

Jo backed Tavish to take over from Nicol Stephen as leader of the Lib Dems in Scotland

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Jo shock at spiralling tax credit complaints

Complaints about the tax credits hotline have risen 133% in three years

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Jo delighted with Glasgow music honour

Amy MacDonald

Amy MacDonald is one of the newest music stars to emerge from East Dunbartonshire

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Lenzie resident with an Interest in fair trade

Shared Interest offers low-cost loans to fair trade businesses in the developing world

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Jo taking on Glasgow holiday rip-offs

Holidaymakers face higher charges for holiday deals from Scottish airports

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Waste management can bring cash boost for local businesses

Jo Swinson with Claire McNeil from Environmental Waste Systems Ltd

Jo viewed the work EWS is doing to help DFS save money on greener waste disposal methods

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A slice of chocolate heaven in Milngavie

Jo was in chocolate heaven yesterday when she visited Milngavie choclatier Cacao. The small business opened a year ago, selling fine luxury chocolates.

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