Community Funding Opportunities in Bearsden


Local community groups are invited to apply to Glasgow Airport’s Flightpath Fund for help with projects that will benefit the local community in the flightpath area. The Fund focuses on education, environment and employment, doesn’t consider applications that cover a wider geographical area, and helps with discrete projects rather than running costs.

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A Win For Brookwood


I'm excited to share the news that the Brookwood Futures Group has succeeded in its campaign to retain the site of Brookwood Villa, which will now provide nursery facilities.

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Kirkintilloch Town Centre Update


The recent consultation was clear – people feel anxious about using their town centre and want the traffic lights back at the Catherine Street junction. This Council is listening - they need to get it right this time. It has been suggested that right turns from Cowgate at the junction are banned when the traffic lights go back.

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Update on Traffic Measures from Cllr Vaughan Moody

Local Lib Dem Councillor Vaughan Moody has pushed local police towards enforcing parking restrictions on Maxwell Ave at the junction with Crarae Avenue and Murrayfield Drive. 

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Update on Kessington Hall from Cllr Vaughan Moody


Vaughan has welcomed the news that East Dunbartonshire has taken control of Kessington Hall. 

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Cllr Vaughan Moody - Listening to the Community on Parking Charges



I want to reassure local people that councillors are listening to their concerns over recently changed charges at council car parks.

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Local Lib Dems: Demand a Better Scottish Budget


Local Lib Dems have called on local residents to demand better from the Scottish Government in their budget.

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Train Services Must Improve - Cllr Vaughan Moody


My local Lib Dem colleagues and I have pledged to carry on the fight for the train line at Westerton to be re-dualled following setbacks from the Transport Minister. The Council will now pay for a feasibility study to look into the project.

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Lib Dems Welcome Redundancy Compromise

Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the compromise reached between East Dunbartonshire Council officials and trade unions regarding the council's redundancy framework, which has led to proposed industrial action being called off.

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Lib Dem Comment on Upcoming Strikes

Following the announcement of strike action on the 12th of September by unions in East Dunbartonshire, Joint Council Leader Vaughan Moody (Liberal Democrat) commented:
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