Jo urges schools to claim free pupil maps

Jo Swinson visited Bearsden Primary today to present maps provided by Ordnance Survey to Primary 7 pupils, and called on those schools that have not yet ordered their free maps to do so.

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Jo completes 10K as Glasgow enjoys bumper weekend


Jo was running the 10K in preparation for October’s Great North Run, a half-marathon

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Jo shares secrets of success with Kiev audience

Ukraine has undergone revolution and political upheaval in the past few years

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Jo launches online pensions petition

East Dunbartonshire residents in favour of fairer, simpler and better state pensions can now register their opposition to the current pensions system online.

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“Scottishness” – Reflections of Identity

Ironically, I tend to feel most Scottish when I’m not in Scotland. Living and working in Scotland, surrounded by other Scots, Scottishness is often something which you take for granted. It’s just a given, underpinning society but not necessarily talked about unless there’s some major sporting event, Burns’ night, St Andrew’s Day or similar.

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Westerton residents put speeding fears to Jo

Westerton resident Ken Sutherland wants to see additional speed humps installed on Maxwell Avenue

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Jo Swinson welcomes burgeoning Festival of Politics


This is the second year that the Festival of Politics has been running

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Jo highlights urgency of energy debate as Hunterston nears end of life

Hunterston B is the first of a series of nuclear power stations being affected by the issue of decommissioning

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Optronics plant showcases skills of East Dunbartonshire workforce – Jo


Thales draws much of its highly-skilled workforce from East Dunbartonshire

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Making a difference – Liberal Democrats with a bright future

Scotland is a healthy place to be a Liberal Democrat. The party is strong north and south of the border. As Executive partners in Government Liberal Democrats have demonstrated not only our ability to govern, but the real difference that our policies can make when taken from drawing board to practical application. At Westminster, we are now Scotland’s second party with both votes and seats. The by-election success in the Labour heartland of Dunfermline and West Fife this year validates our position.

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