70 unemployed teachers in East Dunbartonshire

Jo and Ross Finnie MSP have expressed shock at figures showing that 70 new teachers in East Dunbartonshire have been unable to find permanent teaching posts this year.

73 new teachers qualified in East Dunbartonshire in 2008-09, but only 3 are employed in a permanent job working as supply teachers, according to a new survey by the Times Educational Supplement Scotland.

Commenting, Jo said:

“There has clearly been a lack of planning on the part of the Scottish Government, having paid for all that teacher training only to leave these new teachers without jobs at the start of a new academic year. After all the SNP’s pledges about class sizes one would hope they had worked out how many teachers were needed and where.

“It must be very worrying for these 70 new teachers that they are having such difficulty finding permanent teaching positions – they have undoubtedly worked very hard to become qualified and it is a total waste of resources and talent to leave them unemployed.”

Commenting, Ross Finnie said:

“The new teacher problem is a scandal, after working hard for 5 years it is shocking that 70 new teachers cannot find any permanent employment in East Dunbartonshire.

“The Scottish Government’s pledge to maintain teacher numbers is yet another broken promise.

“After letting down this new generation of Scottish teachers, how long is it going to take till the Scottish Government starts fulfilling its promises?”

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