90 days law could aid terrorists – Jo speaks on Radio 5 Live

Jo opposes holding terror suspects without charge for 90 days


Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, Jo Swinson has explained the reasons she will be voting against the Government’s Terrorism Bill in Parliament today.

Jo criticised the Government’s plan to give police the power to detain terror suspects for up to 90 days.

Jo commented:

“My opposition to the Government’s ’90 day’ proposal comes from the belief that we should protect the principles of justice. There is much in the legislation on which consensus has already been reached, however the 90 days remains a sticking point.

“Subjecting people to extended periods of detention without charge would likely fuel resentment and there is a danger that it could ultimately aid those who seek to recruit terrorists.

“There are many ways to approach the issue of detaining terror suspects. The Bill makes an offence of ‘acts preparatory to terrorism’, and this is the kind of lesser charge that could be brought against a suspect while the case for a greater charge is being made.”

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