"Back to the drawing board" – Jo tells Morrisons

Jo Swinson MP has criticised Morrisons for producing inappropriate plans for Bishopbriggs town centre, and for their inadequate community engagement so far.

Commenting after finally being able to speak to the elusive Richard Bakes, the Morrisons director responsible for the project, Jo said,

“It’s no surprise that the public are angry. After months of silence and promised public consultation Morrisons have suddenly produced a plan that is totally wrong for Bishopbriggs town centre. There are a huge number of concerns, from the proposed vehicle access all coming via South Crosshill Road, the lack of integration of proposed new retail with the existing town centre, or the lack of thought given to the non-retail parts of the site. Morrisons must go back to the drawing board – but this time involve the community. I have arranged to meet with Mr Bakes in the New Year to express the community’s strong objections.”

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