Action needed at home to cut East Dunbartonshire carbon output

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East Dunbartonshire has lower carbon emissions from transport and industry than other areas, but household emissions are above average

New figures revealed by Jo Swinson show East Dunbartonshire as being 9% above the UK average level of domestic carbon dioxide emissions. Ms Swinson has urged East Dunbartonshire residents to look at ways in which they can save energy in the home and reduce emissions of climate change-causing CO2.

According to the figures, produced as part of the Liberal Democrat campaign for a Green Tax Switch, East Dunbartonshire’s overall record for annual carbon emissions of 5.7 tonnes per person is lower than the UK average of 9.3, but higher than the global average of 2.5 tonnes per person. This overall figure includes carbon emissions from industry, transport and other sources, as well as domestic output.

Jo said:

“There are positives and negatives in these figures. East Dunbartonshire is doing well to stay below the UK average for overall CO2 emissions, but action is needed to reduce household emissions in this area, which are significantly above average.

“Turning down thermostats by 1° C, installing energy saving lightbulbs, washing laundry at 30° C and switching appliances off instead of leaving them on standby can all make a significant difference to domestic carbon dioxide emissions, as well as reducing household energy bills.

“Climate change is a global threat, but individuals should not leave it up to governments and industry to tackle the problem. Everyone has a role to play, and collectively, individual actions can have a hugely significant impact on stopping climate change.”

Jo Swinson recently made the following pledges as part of the Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Saving Week (23rd – 29th October):

• When making hot drinks only boil as much water as I need.

• Turn down my thermostat by 1° C.

• Switch off appliances and not leave them on standby.

• Replace 3 light bulbs with Energy Saving Recommended ones.

• Buy Energy Saving Recommended appliances.

• Wash my laundry at 30° C.

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