Advice to deter problem foxes

With increasing numbers of foxes being reported in East Dunbartonshire neighbourhoods, Jo Swinson MP has emphasised easy ways to deter these creatures from gardens.

While foxes do not generally pose any risk to humans, they can damage gardens and harm pets. Local reports of the animals have recently increased, with one local resident even reporting seeing 7 of the animals in her garden.

The RSPCA advises against feeding foxes, as well as keeping bins closed and removing toys and shoes from gardens. The RSPCA has produced a useful fact-sheet which can be found at:

Commenting, Jo said:

“Foxes can be a real nuisance and with several reports that East Dunbartonshire residents have seen an increasing number of the animals, people should refer to the simple steps the RSPCA recommends taking to deter them.

“The best advice is to avoid feeding foxes, so they don’t come back for more, and ensure there’s nothing out in the garden that could attract them.”

More advice about deterring foxes can be found on the RSPCA’s website:

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