Another step toward victory on Council Boundary move

Jo and Ross Finnie MSP have welcomed the Boundary Commission’s recommendation to Ministers to keep Princes Gate in East Dunbartonshire.

The Local Government Boundary Commission has submitted its revised proposals for the Council boundary between East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow City, which were unanimously welcomed by Princes Gate residents, to Scottish Ministers.

In May 2009, the Commission produced proposals for moving the boundary to follow the southern edge of Auchinairn Road in Bishopbriggs, which would have seen 42 households in the Princes Gate area, currently in East Dunbartonshire, moved into Glasgow local authority area.

In response to opposition from Princes Gate residents, the Boundary Commission produced revised recommendations in October 2009 which would see these households kept inside East Dunbartonshire. The Commission is expected to announce shortly that these revised recommendations have been sent to Scottish Ministers as final recommendations.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I am very pleased that the Local Government Boundary Commission has seen sense and decided to keep Princes Gate inside East Dunbartonshire.

“Residents of Princes Gate have fought a strong campaign which I have been happy to support, and will continue to do so until Scottish Ministers accept these recommendations and the decision is final.”

Commenting, Ross Finnie said:

“I am delighted that the Local Government Boundary Commission has finally seen sense by submitting there revised recommendations without change. The Scottish Ministers must approve these recommendations as soon as possible and end this long running saga for the residents of Princes Gate.

“I can only hope this entire incident will serve as a valuable lesson to the Boundary Commission, that the importance of access to schools, house prices and community connections should always be considered first when drafting any proposal.”

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