Antonine Wall made World Heritage Site

Antonine Wall

The Antonine Wall is an extension of an existing Heritage List entry, ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire’

Jo Swinson has reacted with delight at the news that the Antonine Wall is to be awarded status as a World Heritage Site.

The announcement was made today by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, which is currently meeting in Quebec, Canada. Adding the Antonine Wall to UNESCO’s World Heritage List will ensure that site of the wall is protected and maintained in years to come.

Jo said:

“I could not be more delighted with the outcome of this long-awaited decision. The World Heritage Committee has given due recognition to the Antonine Wall’s status as the true Northern frontier of the Roman Empire.

“Adding the Antonine Wall to the World Heritage List will ensure that it receives the full backing of UNESCO, in terms of its management and ongoing conservation.

“I’m sure that this announcement will spark a renewed interest in East Dunbartonshire Roman legacy, among historians young and old. Now is a great time to use the superb local resources on offer to find out more about a fascinating period in East Dunbartonshire’s history.

“The Antonine Wall has been inscribed to the World Heritage List as part of the existing entry encompassing ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire’. The next stage for historians is to work towards getting all of the Roman frontiers, through Austria, Hungary, Croatia and other countries, recognised under this World Heritage List entry.”

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