Antonine Wall should be World Heritage Site – Jo

Jo Swinson MP has called for the United Nations to recognise and protect the Antonine Wall as a World Heritage Site.


Speaking in a debate in Parliament on Wednesday, Jo secured agreement from colleagues that the Antonine Wall, the first multi-country bid for World Heritage status, should be added to the list of heritage site put forward to UNESCO by the UK.

Jo commented:

“The proposed list of World Heritage Sites from the UK is being drawn next year. The list will include the first multi-country bid for world heritage status, for the North West frontiers of the Roman Empire. The Antonine Wall in East Dunbartonshire marks the frontier of the Roman Empire in Northern Britain.

“I was pleased to hear my Parliamentary colleagues were in agreement over the importance of gaining this status for the Antonine Wall. Joining the UNESCO World Heritage list ensures sites receive protection and proper management as places of outstanding value to humanity.

“We need to ensure that the Antonine Wall is offered the same level of protection as other Roman structures across Europe. Ensuring World Heritage status as part of this trans-European bid will mean that it will be preserved for many generations to come.”

Hadrian’s Wall was granted World Heritage status in 1988 and many people wrongly believe that this is as far north as the Roman Empire ventured in Britain. In fact, the Antonine Wall, a very different structure to Hadrian’s Wall, marks the most northern frontier of the Roman Empire.

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