As Commons agree new boundaries, Jo says spin doctor won't solve MP's problems

East Dunbartonshire is a key Lib Dem/Labour marginal seat for the next General Election

The new East Dunbartonshire constituency - part of the boundary review which was discussed in the House of Commons yesterday - will be one of the closest Lib Dem/Labour marginals in the UK.


According to the BBC guide to the next election, if the new boundaries had been in place at the last election then Labour would have had a majority of around 2600 votes over the Lib Dems in the new constituency - with Tories and SNP far to far behind to win. The Lib Dems need a swing of only 3.1% to win the new seat.

The legislation to implement new electoral boundaries in Scotland at the next Westminster election was approved by the House of Commons yesterday and will go to the House of Lords next week for final approval.

Jo Swinson, Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire, said, "The new East Dunbartonshire will be a two-horse race between Labour and the Lib Dems - the Tories and the SNP are too far behind to win. It is one of the most marginal Labour seats in the whole of Britain.

"Voters here are already switching to the Lib Dems because of issues such as the Iraq war, tuition fees for students, local Post Office closures, and the unfair pension system. Lib Dems are campaigning hard on the issues that matter to local people.

"Come the election, people here will have the chance to vote for the Lib Dems' positive agenda of hope over Labour's politics of fear, spin, and mistrust. It promises to be a very close race indeed."

Responding to reports over the weekend that sitting MP John Lyons has drafted in spin doctor David Whitton to help him hold the seat, Jo commented, "It's a typical new Labour attitude; when the pressure is on, call in the spin doctors. However I think he should give the voters of East Dunbartonshire more credit. What we need is not spin, but substance. I don't think people here will be taken in by the new Labour spin."

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