Austerity for longer under SNP says IFS

East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrat candidate and Business Minister Jo Swinson is highlighting analysis published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) stating that under SNP plans, the period of austerity would be longer than under the other three main parties.

The analysis went on to say that the SNP are the only party that would still be 'doing austerity' in 2019/20 and as a result, UK debt would be higher under their plans.

This negates the SNP’s recent rhetoric that stated that they would be less austere and, in particular, cut spending by less than the main Westminster parties.

Commenting Jo Swinson said:

“Instead of an anti-austerity party the IFS has shown that under the SNP we’d have austerity for longer and higher debt as a result.

"On top of creating more economic uncertainty with another referendum, they also want to saddle the next generation with higher debt and drag out austerity.

"In East Dunbartonshire the Lib Dems are the only choice for voters who want to steer clear of the SNP's debts.

“The IFS gave the Lib Dems a tick for being more transparent than the other parties about our financial plans and they confirmed that we will end austerity the earliest in 2017–18."

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