Avoid holiday mobile bill blues this summer

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Mobile charges abroad can vary widely from domestic charges

With more and more people using mobile phones and mobile modems while on holiday abroad, Jo Swinson has warned East Dunbartonshire holidaymakers to watch out for hidden charges that they may not be aware of.

Ofcom has recently published ten tips for keeping communications costs down whilst travelling abroad.

Jo said:

“Increasingly, we are using mobiles abroad, during holidays and other overseas travel. As well as phones, mobile modems are also now popular for allowing emails and internet access. While most people know how their price plans work in the UK, they may not be aware of some of the extra charges they will incur when using these devices abroad.

“New advice published by Ofcom advises holidaymakers of how to avoid excessive mobile charges abroad. Tips include checking for international packages that may be offered by service providers and remembering that extra charges may apply for receiving voicemails. In particular, internet downloads can cost significantly more abroad than consumers would pay at home.

“Hopefully this advice will help people avoid incurring excessive charges for using phones and modems abroad. Any residents who have specific queries about the charges they may face abroad are welcome to contact my office on 0141 762 2209. After two weeks in the sun, the last thing anyone wants is to get burnt by a sky-high phone bill.”

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