Bett complacent over Bearsden Academy site – Jo

Bett need to take more account of local views towards their plans, according to Jo.

Jo Swinson MP has accused Bett Homes of ignoring local opposition to its plans for redeveloping the site of Bearsden Academy.

In a meeting with heads of Bett today, Jo urged that they make greater efforts to address residents’ concerns and work more closely with Council planners.

Following the meeting, Jo commented:

“Bett Homes held some limited consultation with residents after the strong local reaction against its initial plans for the Bearsden Academy site. However, constituents who have contacted me feel that, having put their views forward through the consultation, these have not been incorporated into Bett’s plans.

“The concerns that Bett need to address include the density of housing, height of flats, amount of open space, parking provision and consistency of the development with the surrounding area.

“There is clearly an element of complacency from Bett over this application, but I left them in no doubt today that they should not be taking the success of their application in its current form for granted.

“It is essential that Bett work with planners from East Dunbartonshire Council to draw up a planning application that complies with the Local Plan and is acceptable to surrounding residents.”

Bett Homes submitted their initial planning application for the Bearsden Academy site in January 2005. Following rejection of the plans by local residents, Bett wrote to residents in September 2005, giving them a 14-day period in which to communicate their objections to the plans. Bett held four events in November 2005 to allow residents to view the plans, before a revised application was submitted, also in November.

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