Boclair Academy comes to Westminster

Pupils from Boclair Academy took a tour of Parliament today, came up with their own policies and put questions to Jo Swinson.

As part of a three day trip to London, teachers and pupils took a tour of the Houses of Parliament to learn about the history of the institutions and how they work today. After a short talk, the S4 pupils were asked what they would do if they were in government. Responses included: “Lower the voting age to 16″, “Stop war” and “Ensure that the quality of education is equal for everyone whether they go to private or state school.”

The pupils then met Jo, who gave them a short talk about how she works for them in Parliament followed by a question and answer session. Questions put to Jo by the pupils included: “What would your opinion be on total Scottish independence?”, “What role does the monarchy play in politics, and is it just an expensive gimmick?” and “What do you think about Britain having nuclear weapons while we tell other countries they can’t have them?”

Commenting, Jo said:

“I think it’s really important that young people are encouraged to take an interest in politics. I’m always excited to talk to young constituents and it’s fantastic that Boclair Academy organised this trip. The pupils made some really smart observations – you never know, perhaps there’s a future Prime Minister in there somewhere!”

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