Carers should get support they are entitled to – Jo

Jo Swinson MP has called on the one in eight people in East Dunbartonshire who look after a sick, frail or disabled relative, partner, child or friend to check whether they are getting all the support they are entitled to.


Jo’s comments were made to coincide with Carers Rights Day (December 2nd), a national awareness day organised by Carers Scotland, which aims to inform carers of the benefits and services available to them. To mark the day, Jo attended the Carers Forum in Cairns Church, Milngavie, organised by Carers Link East Dunbartonshire.

Commenting on the event, Jo said:

“It is a real concern that carers in East Dunbartonshire may not be getting all the help they are entitled to. Carers must be given support – they save the country a huge amount and without them the NHS and social care would struggle to cope.

“My thanks go to Carers Link for organising the event to promote Carers Rights Day in East Dunbartonshire. This involved an interesting presentation by Seb Fischer of Care 21 on recent research into the future of unpaid carers in Scotland.

“Many people who become carers do not know what help is available to them and that is why initiatives like Carers Rights Day are so important. If carers need more information, they should write to me or call the Carers Scotland hotline on 0808 808 7777 for a free information pack.”

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