Cheques important to festive giving – Jo

Jo Swinson has called on the Government to recognise the cheque’s importance during the Christmas period, as a popular way of giving gifts to relatives and donating to charities.

Building on the campaign to Save the Cheque, Jo has expressed concern that the third of the UK’s population who use cheques are being forgotten by the Payments Council, the industry body representing major high street banks, who want to close the cheque system by 2018.

With over four million cheques written every day, many elderly and vulnerable people depend on this method of payment, whilst business and charities consider the cheque an essential source of revenue.

Commenting, Jo said:

“It is a real reminder at Christmas time that the cheque is so important in the spirit of festive giving. Many people will put cheques inside cards for relatives and friends, and make cheques out to charities at this time of year where we think of those less fortunate than ourselves.

“The needs of those who depend on cheques cannot be ignored, and I hope the banks will listen to people’s voices on this important issue. The Payments Council is still inviting contributions on the matter, so please contact them at:

Payments Council

Mercury House

Triton Court

14 Finsbury Square



E-mail: [email protected]

More information on Jo’s campaign to Save the Cheque can be found at

More information about the work of the Payments Council can be found at

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