Climate Change Bill must be stronger

Jo Swinson MP has called on the Government to significantly strengthen the Climate Change Bill.

The Climate Change Bill received its Second Reading in the House of Lords today.

Jo Swinson said:

“Having finally seen sense and introduced a Climate Change Bill, the Government must now strengthen the Bill considerably if it is really going to help tackle climate change.

“Even Gordon Brown admits that the proposed 60% reduction in carbon emissions proposed is too low. The Bill should be extended to include reductions in all greenhouse gases, not just CO2, as the Kyoto protocol does.

“Transmitting electricity over long distances is inefficient, so the Bill includes ‘transmission charges’, to discourage power being wasted in this way. This is appropriate for energy generated by traditional power stations, but Scotland’s renewable energy industries often have to be located in remote areas. These should be exempt from the charges, to give Scotland’s renewables industry every chance of thriving.

“With the International Panel on Climate Change toughening up its warnings, and the Bali conference next month looking beyond the Kyoto targets, the Climate Change must be fit for purpose.”

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