Commons ‘Punch and Judy’ is not constructive politics – Jo

Jo called on the Prime Minister to change the ‘Punch and Judy’ style of Prime Minister’s Questions

Jo Swinson has challenged the Prime Minister over the ‘Punch and Judy’ style of Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions today, Jo said:

“As the Prime Minister says goodbye to his fourth Tory leader, is it not also time to say goodbye to the Punch and Judy style of Prime Minister’s Questions?”

Commenting on the issue raised, Jo said:

“A major problem we face in this country is of people feeling disconnected from politics and Parliament. Many people’s view of politics is shaped by television coverage of Prime Minister’s Questions, but this often shows Parliament at its worst – a Punch and Judy show in which little or no meaningful dialogue takes place.

“The Prime Minister and fellow MPs should accept that a more constructive approach to dialogue would enhance the reputation of Parliament, and politics more generally, in the eyes of the electorate.”

After hesitating, the Prime Minister confirmed his agreement with Jo and said he was looking forward to next week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Jo responded:

“I’ll be watching with interest to see if the Prime Minister turns words into actions and introduces a new style of Prime Minister’s Questions.”

Bearsden student Emma Berry, who was visiting London to conduct an interview with Jo, also saw the MP’s appearance at PMQs.

Emma commented:

“Prime Minister’s Questions is really the only glimpse of Parliamentary politics that most people see. The Prime Minister is very well briefed beforehand on what he will be asked – it is a shame he is not kept on his toes by having to answer questions off-the-cuff.

“Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing Jo’s performance today and was grateful for the chance to get a first-hand experience of Parliament. This will be valuable as I study for my degree.”

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