Community have not been listened to on green belt – Jo

Despite strong local opposition, the removal of green belt status has been given the go-ahead for land in two areas of Lenzie, Bishopbriggs and Torrance.

After details of the Scottish Government-appointed Reporter’s decision emerged last week, Jo joined community groups to plan how they would take the campaign forward.

The decision means land has either fully been released to developers in the case of Meadowburn Avenue and Claddens East in Lenzie. At Kelvin View, Torrance, the land has been released for only affordable housing, and only partially released in Jellyhill, Bishopbriggs. The land at these sites was previously designated as green belt to limit the further development of the towns.

Commenting, Jo said:

“This is extremely disappointing news for the affected green belt sites. Despite the Reporter receiving hundreds of well-argued objections from local residents and the Council making a robust case against the release of this green belt land, the community’s views have not been listened to.

“The loss of green belt status throws open the protective green spaces around our communities, paving the way for new housing developments which will put real pressure on local services and roads, and threaten the unique character of our local towns and villages. It was good to see so many people at last week’s public meeting in Lenzie, and the level of opposition to the Reporter’s decision was clear.

“The report must now be scrutinised thoroughly to see if there is any scope for a legal challenge. I was pleased that a further meeting with Council officers is to be arranged, as it is important that the Council and local residents continue to work together on this.”


  1. For more information, the Reporter’s report is available on the Lenzie South Green Belt campaign website –

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