Community must be consulted on Allander replacement

Jo is calling for East Dunbartonshire Council to consult with the local community on plans for replacing Allander Leisure with a new facility

The Liberal Democrats have put forward a motion for debate at tomorrow’s Council meeting calling for a “comprehensive consultation” with users of the Allander Leisure centre, to inform plans for building its replacement.

The motion also reaffirms the Council’s commitment to keeping the Allander open until its replacement is ready for use. There has been concern over whether and how the Allander will be replaced, because even if the £10 million from the developers is received, the Council must then find an estimated £7 million more to build a new Allander.

Commenting, Jo said:

“The community is still reeling from the news that the Council has voted to approve the Kilmardinny development. It is still not clear how the Council plans to find the extra £7 million needed to build the new sports centre, so there is concern that we may be left with 550 houses that no one wants and no new Allander sports centre. For that reason it is vital that a firm commitment is made not to close the Allander until a replacement is ready.

“Labour and Tory Councillors failed to listen to local people before they made the decision over Kilmardinny. They must listen to them now. The Council should undertake a thorough, genuine consultation with the community before any land transfer is made.”

Bearsden South Councillor Ashay Ghai said:

“Considerable doubt still remains over how the Council will find the money to build a suitable replacement facility if the Allander goes. It’s high time that Labour and Tory Councillors stopped, looked and listened to local people before committing to a deal that could be bad for Bearsden and Milngavie.”

The text of the Liberal Democrats’ motion appears below:

1. This Council recognises that there is public concern about the future of the Allander Sports Centre; reiterates its pledge to keeping the Allander Sports Centre open until such time as a modern replacement is ready. Recognises that no land transfer agreement can take place without the consent of the Council

2. This Council instructs the Chief executive

(a) to undertake a comprehensive consultation e

(a) to undertake a comprehensive consultation exercise with the existing users to ascertain their leisure and recreation needs;

(b) to examine fully, the ways in which a modern replacement based on the conclusions drawn from that consultation exercise could be funded.

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