Consumerist culture is an unhappy failure

Commenting on the Sustainable Development Commission`s `Prosperity Without Growth` report, Jo Swinson, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics said:

“A blinkered focus on GDP growth has not delivered, and this report shows why.

“Despite still being many times richer than we were 50 years ago, research shows we are still no happier.

“Our current model of growth, based on material consumerism, needs to be replaced. The irresponsible lending that fuelled this growth is now causing misery to people across the country, saddled with debt they are struggling to repay. Forever buying more and more things does not improve our wellbeing and cannot be sustained with the Earth’s finite resources. The economic crisis has forced a rethink of our financial systems.

“Today’s report from the Sustainable Development Commission is right in its calls for a new model of prosperity, based on ecological sustainability, meaningful employment, work-life balance and public services that benefit us all. Government should take note.”

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