Council bins policy slammed by Bearsden resident

The cost of sending waste to landfill is set to rise sharply


An angry Bearsden resident has accused East Dunbartonshire Council of going backwards on the environment with its return to weekly bin collections.

David Murphy, of Ravelston Road, Bearsden, raised his concerns with Jo Swinson MP during a recent meeting.

Mr Murphy said:

“The decision by the current council administration to take the backward step to weekly bin collections will be regretted both in the pockets of the council tax payers and to the environment in unnecessary landfill use.

“Since the return to weekly bin collections, bins are being put out full again. Some people seem to think it is their right to fill the bin with as much as they want with no care or thought for the environment. The fortnightly collection was at least ‘helping’ them achieve some semblance of recycling.

“In these times of so much exposure of recycling in both the press and council literature, ignorance of what can be recycled and how, is not an argument. Likewise having no facilities to hold recycling material is not justifiable for the majority of residents in East Dunbartonshire.

“We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children but we could comfortably have our bin uplifted fortnightly or monthly. We recycle all that can be; utilising the council street collection, local supermarkets and the council waste facilities. We have compost bins in the garden. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. It’s not complicated but it saves money and helps the environment.”

Jo Swinson said:

“Mr Murphy is just one of a number of residents who have expressed concerns to me that the move back to weekly bins will be an environmentally damaging one. Figures from December 2007 show the recycling rate at 25.3%, down from 29.9% the previous year. Recycling rates had shown a marked improvement as a result of weekly recycling uplifts.

“There will also be an economic impact if recycling targets are missed. Landfill tax is going up by £8 a ton to £32 from this year, and will rise by a further £8 in future years. With East Dunbartonshire sending around 50,000 tonnes of waste to landfill currently, it is not hard to see that we will face much bigger bills if this figure is not reduced.

“The Council’s environment survey did not ask residents whether they preferred to keep fortnightly or return to weekly bin collections. By failing to ask this key question, the Council ignored the views of people like Mr Murphy, who recognise the need for urgent action to boost local recycling.

“Reducing excess packaging is one way to help residents send less waste to landfill. I am meeting with Government Ministers shortly to discuss my proposals for tougher rules to force supermarkets to cut down on wasteful over-packaging.”

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