Council refuses to allow climate protest

Jo has criticised East Dunbartonshire Council for refusing to allow Greenpeace to plant a tree on its land.

Greenpeace planned to plant a tree, with the help of Jo, on land close to Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre as part of its ‘Airplot’ campaign against the construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport. However, the Council has refused to allow the tree to be planted on any Council-owned land.

Greenpeace has purchased a plot of land on the proposed site for the new runway at Heathrow, and people all over the country, including Jo, have signed up as ‘beneficial owners’ of the land. To highlight local support for the campaign, Greenpeace activists proposed to plant a tree in East Dunbartonshire which would then be ‘twinned’ with one planted on the plot at Heathrow. Jo and Greenpeace are currently looking for another piece of land, which is not owned by the Council, on which to plant the tree.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I was surprised and disappointed to learn that East Dunbartonshire Council will not allow this tree to be planted on any of its land. Climate change is surely the biggest challenge facing the human race this century, and it is something which many people in East Dunbartonshire feel strongly about. As the local MP I hear frequently from local people who very concerned about the effect greenhouse gases are having on our planet, and air travel is one of the biggest contributors to the UK’s carbon emissions.”

“This raises the question, does East Dunbartonshire Council support the third runway at Heathrow Airport?”

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