Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillors Demand that Schools Remain Open so Our Children are Not Left Behind

Lib Dem Councillors on East Dunbartonshire Council have a record of prioritising Education performance in East Dunbartonshire schools and nurseries as part of the Council Administration. The result is that Council’s academic attainment of pupils at all levels is the second highest in Scotland

One of the most notable achievements is that the percentage of pupils living in the 20% most deprived areas getting 5+ awards at National 5 is the highest in Scotland.

However, if the SNP implement a further long school closure, pupils who can achieve may be left behind.  The decision that there will be no National 5 examination means pupils are graded on assessments.  These must be done in schools to ensure the integrity of the results.  Pupils in S5 and S6, who have been most affected by the school closure during lockdown need time in school to study for their examinations next year.

As long as the safety of our children and staff is ensured, our schools must be kept open so the attainment gap does not widen further, our pupils studying for National 5 can do so, our Higher and Advanced Higher exams are not put at risk and the burden of education is not placed on our parents.

You can read the letter that Cllr Vaughan Moody, Joint Leader of East Dunbartonshire Council, sent to the Deputy First Minister, and his reply here.


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