Dawn raids inhumane to children – Jo


Jo has raised local concerns over dawn raid tactics in Parliament

Jo Swinson MP has pressed Scottish Minister David Cairns on the traumatic nature of early morning removal tactics against asylum seekers.

Speaking in the House of Commons yesterday, Jo said:

“I welcome the Minister saying that we should enforce the rules sensitively and humanely, but does he agree that as they are currently carried out, early morning removals-dawn raids-are traumatic for families, particularly when parents are handcuffed and children are separated from their parents and taken away in different vehicles? What reassurances can he give to the constituents who contact me because they are concerned about the matter?”

In response, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland David Cairns said:

“The point that the hon. Lady mentions illustrates perfectly why voluntary removals are far better. That is why it is much better for individuals to leave the country when their appeal has been turned down and they are instructed to leave and given financial help and support to do so. If people consistently refuse to leave the country after it has been found that they have no claim for asylum, we ultimately have to remove them if we are to have a system that we can enforce at all. It is very regrettable, but the power lies with them to pre-empt that by leaving the country when their appeal has run out.”

Following the debate, Jo commented:

“Dawn raids are highly traumatic for the families involved. Children are separated from their parents, who may be handcuffed, and taken away in different vehicles.

“A number of my constituents have contacted me to express their concern that the practice of dawn raids results in the inhumane treatment of children. I share their concern, hence I asked for reassurances from the Minister on this issue.”

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