Decision time is finally here- Jo

After more than 2 years of debate, discussion and campaigning, referendum day is upon us and we will find out what future Scotland chooses.

My passionate belief is that Scotland’s best future is to stay as part of the UK family.  Over the last 300 years we have pooled resources, talent and ingenuity to tackle our common problems and build a fairer society.  Together we have created such wonderful institutions as the NHS, our Armed Forces and the BBC.  By sharing risk and opportunity we are stronger and more secure. 

We now have a strong Scottish Parliament with control over important areas like education and health and the guarantee of further powers in the future. A “No” vote means we retain the strength, security and stability of being part of the United Kingdom, with the pound guaranteed as our currency and jobs supported by borderless trade. 

This combination gives us the best of both worlds. 

Everyone has to make up their own mind, and I know it is a choice people are weighing carefully.  Both sides of the debate love Scotland dearly and are passionate about their cause.  Over the past few months I have spoken personally to thousands of local residents about the referendum on the phone and on the doorstep, and at the 7 public meetings I held across East Dunbartonshire.  I’d like to thank local people for getting involved in this debate.  It is cheering to see such engagement in an age when commentators tell us that apathy reigns.  Whatever the result, change is coming to Scotland, either in the form of independence or more powers for the Scottish Parliament.  I hope we can carry forward people’s interest and passion as we build Scotland’s future.

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