Delay to Tesco appeal decision

Local MP Jo Swinson has commented on the delayed decision on Tesco Milngavie’s expansion appeal, emphasising the need for a decision to be made in the interest of local people.

Following the public hearing and inquiry into Tesco’s planning appeal in early February, the Scottish Government-appointed Reporter, Trevor Croft, was due to announce his decision on Tesco’s plans today, 7th March.

The Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals, the Scottish Government body dealing with the Tesco Milngavie case, has told Jo that due to the complexity of the case the Reporter has been unable to meet today’s target, but a decision will be made as soon as possible.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“Whilst it would be preferable for the Reporter to deliver a decision as soon as possible, it is more important that he delivers the right verdict, and that Tesco’s appeal is refused. Full consideration must be given to the implications of Tesco’s massive expansion plans on the future of Milngavie, and the genuine concerns of local people throughout this process.”

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