Do you want chocolate or packaging this Easter?

Some Easter egg manufacturers have drastically cut their excess packaging, while others are lagging far behind, a report by Jo shows.

In 2009 companies such as Nestlé and Cadbury made huge reductions to the packaging of their Easter eggs, but this year certain companies are still marketing grossly over-packaged eggs.

Guylian comes out worst, with its egg taking up just 9% of its box.

Sainsbury’s has the most efficient packaging this year, while Nestlé had the only egg surveyed whose packaging is 100% widely recycled.

Commenting, Jo said:

“Consumers are tired of excess packaging – they are tired of paying for it and tired of having to dispose of it. Easter eggs are a prime example – in many cases, the huge boxes contain more air than chocolate.

“Last year we saw Easter egg packaging reduced by a third, and companies such as Nestlé, Cadbury, Green and Black’s and Thorntons have made real efforts to cut packaging and improve recyclability. However, Guylian, Lindt and others are still producing grossly excessive packaging.

“The Government is clearly failing to enforce the law, which requires packaging to be reduced to the minimum necessary.”

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