East Dunbartonshire backs Alternative Vote change

Local MP Jo Swinson’s latest East Dunbartonshire e-consultation has found that a clear majority support a change to the Alternative Vote.

Today in Manchester, politicians and campaigners launched the Lib Dem ‘Yes to Fairer Votes’ campaign for a change to the Alternative Vote. Ahead of the referendum on 5th May, Jo asked East Dunbartonshire residents whether they would support this change.

With more than 350 respondents, 62% favoured AV to ensure MPs worked harder to keep their seats and make every vote count, but 38% thought AV was too complex and not proportionate enough to merit a change from the current system of First Past the Post.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“In May, everyone will be able to choose between an Alternative Vote system to strengthen the voices of voters, or the status quo, giving some MPs jobs for life in safe seats and where most people have an MP they didn’t vote for.

“The Alternative Vote is a small change which will make a big difference: an end to wasted votes, and a guarantee that all MPs will have to work hard to get elected and stay elected. I look forward to seeing whether the views of East Dunbartonshire residents match those of the rest of the country on May 5th.”

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