East Dunbartonshire demands to scrap the council tax to be put to Scottish Executive

Jo Swinson is campaigning to Axe the Council Tax

Jo Swinson has welcomed the Scottish Executive’s review of Council funding and pledged to make the voices of people in East Dunbartonshire heard. Hundreds of people across East Dunbartonshire have already signed Jo’s petition to Axe the Council Tax.

Jo said: “People in East Dunbartonshire have responded strongly to my campaign to Axe the Council Tax. The Council Tax is very unfair because it does not relate to ability to pay. This means that those on low incomes, including many pensioners, are hit hardest.”

“I’m pleased that the Scottish Executive is looking at the issue of Council funding, and I will be submitting the petition from East Dunbartonshire urging them to scrap the Council Tax and introduce a fairer system based on ability to pay. If anyone would like to add

their name to the petition, they can contact me on 0141 956 6673 or sign the petition on this website.”

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