East Dunbartonshire firmly against independence

Local MP Jo Swinson’s latest e-consultation has found that a clear majority of local respondents are against independence for Scotland. The results show that of 500 respondents 35% were in favour of Scottish independence while 65% were against.

In order to see how the wording of the question affected responses, two different questions were asked. One group was asked “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?”, the same question the SNP have said they would like to see on the ballot paper at the proposed referendum in 2014. The second group was asked “Do you support or oppose Scotland becoming a country independent from the rest of the United Kingdom?”, which is the question most commonly being asked in opinion polls on the subject. Both groups were overwhelmingly against independence, with no statistically significant difference in the answers for the two different questions.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“When the referendum happens, the Scottish people will be able to decide on the future of our country, whether they believe that should be as part of the United Kingdom or to separate from it.”

“This is the most important decision we will make in our lifetime and the high response rate to this question makes it clear that the people of East Dunbartonshire are passionate about this issue. Uncertainty about Scotland’s future is not helping business, and we should press ahead and have a fair, legal and decisive referendum as soon as possible.”

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