ED residents say no to superinjunctions

Jo’s latest e-consultation has found that a majority of local people object to the use of superinjunctions.

Legal gagging orders, or superinjunctions, are obtained at great expense to prevent the media from reporting certain details of the lives of those in the public eye, as well as the fact that the injunction itself exists.

Following recent media scrutiny of superinjunctions, Jo asked East Dunbartonshire residents whether public figures should be able to guard their privacy with costly gagging orders. 77% said no, arguing that the law should not favour the rich, but 23% accepted the use of superinjunctions, saying that privacy is a basic human right.

Commenting, Jo said:

“It was clear that following recent revelations of public figures’ wrongdoings in the press, many people feel strongly about this issue, and a thorough look at the use of high-profile superinjunctions is now necessary.

“Many people commented that superinjunctions are seen as the preserve of the wealthy, but it is vital that the law treats everyone equally. Striking the right balance between justice and privacy is essential, so I am pleased that the Government are establishing a committee to review the use of injunctions and super-injunctions, and will feed the results of this e-consultation into their work.”

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