Elect the Lords Campaign Launches

Jo Swinson is a founder member of the Elect the Lords campaign

Local Lib Dem spokesperson Jo Swinson is one of the founding supporters of the new Elect the Lords Campaign, which launches today (8 February) in the Guardian newspaper.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Jo said:

“The current House of Lords is a relic of a bygone age. It is stuffed to the rafters with cronies and millionaire donors, most of whom are from the south east of England, and has no place in a modern democratic society.

“The only way to ensure that Scottish interests are represented in the Lords is if Scots themselves are given a vote to elect their own representatives.

“When Lords reform was debated in Parliament two years ago, John Lyons MP abstained, despite the option for a mostly elected second chamber falling by just three votes. With his Labour party now looking as if it will be going back on its commitment to make the House of Lords as democratic as possible, the election this year will be a straight fight between the Liberal Democrat and the non-democrat.”

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