End YouTube ban on Parliament clips

Jo wants a review of the rules on online video clips of Parliament

Jo Swinson has pressed for restrictions stopping video clips of Parliament being posted on YouTube and other websites to be lifted.

Jo currently makes clips of her appearances in Parliament available to view on this website. She believes that making clips more widely watchable online would improve the public’s engagement with politics.

Raising the issue at Westminster today, Jo asked Nick Harvey MP, representing the House of Commons Commission:

“Parliament should be embracing new technology as a way to reconnect with the public, so isn’t it about time we ditched the ridiculous ban on Parliamentary clips being shown on YouTube?

“Sites like YouTube are popular and accessible, so if there is a copyright issue, will the House authorities review the current contracts and bring Parliament into the 21st century?”

Commenting further, Jo said:

“Video clips of debates in Parliament can be hosted on MPs’ personal websites, but the rules currently ban their use on YouTube and other video streaming sites.

“I personally think that the more people see what goes on in Parliament, the better, which is why I am pushing for the rules to be changed. There may be copyright issues involved, and if so these should be re-examined at with a view to making Parliament as accessible as possible.

“In some sections of society YouTube is watched more widely than television. We have BBC Parliament and some online hosting on MPs’ own websites, but why stop there?

“This is fundamentally an issue about Parliament reforming itself to keep up-to-date with modern technology.”

Jo is set to hold discussions with House of Commons authorities to press for a review of the current situation.

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