Energy conservation starts at home – Jo

Jo with wind turbine (courtesy of Peter Stevens)

Microgeneration can encourage energy conservation, says Jo

Households putting up their own wind turbines and solar panels could be a major factor in encouraging energy conservation, according to Jo Swinson MP.

Jo spoke in a House of Commons debate today on two bills designed to encourage a sustainable approach to energy use.

Commenting on today’s debate, Jo said:

“Dealing with the threat posed by climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face today. We must take a leading role on environmental issues and set an example to other countries by supporting legislation that will reduce CO2 emissions.

“One of the vital parts of this bill is the provision it makes for microgeneration. This means giving people incentives to put up their own wind turbines and solar panels for personal use.

“By doing this, people will provide their own alternative, renewable energy sources. At the same time, the link between the energy people produce, how much they use and the bills they pay will be much more apparent. This will encourage energy conservation, which is as important a part of the drive for sustainability as energy efficiency.

“It is a real shame that certain members of the House made attempts to bury this Bill by making extended speeches, up to 80 minutes in length, which added nothing more valuable to the debate than the much briefer contributions made by those in favour of the bills.”

Earlier in the week, Jo was personally thanked by Sustainable Energy Partnership organiser Ron Bailey for attending Parliament on a Friday to support the Bill.

Mr Bailey said:

“We appreciate that it may be difficult for MPs to be in parliament on a Friday, so we are especially grateful to Jo Swinson MP for agreeing to be in the House to ensure that these Bills succeed. This is exactly the example that MPs need to set – action not just fine words. We thank Jo Swinson MP for making this commitment to the environment and to ending fuel poverty.”

The Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill and the Management of Energy in Buildings Bills both had their parliamentary second reading today.

The purpose of the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill is to make a provision for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, alleviating fuel poverty, promoting microgeneration and the introduction of a renewable heat obligation.

The purpose of the Management of Energy in Buildings is to extend energy efficiency in domestic buildings through the reporting of progress towards targets and through facilitating the development and installation of microgeneration, or by using external power in a sustainable way.

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