Environmental Campaigners congratulate Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson MP has been congratulated by the Sustainable Energy Partnership (SEP) for supporting an initiative to deal with climate change.

The House of Commons Early Day Motion recognises that climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet today, and calls for new initiatives such as microgeneration to deal with the issue.

Microgeneration, the generation of energy by individuals or small groups of householders, is ‘the new kid on the block’

At a time when emissions of CO2 are rising and the government is not on track to meet its targets, it is a measure that would help reduce fuel bills, emissions of CO2 and it will also engage consumers in averting climate change.

Ron Bailey, Parliamentary Adviser to SEP said, “We congratulate Jo Swinson for supporting this initiative and being at the forefront of new steps to combat climate change”.

Jo Swinson commented, “Because of the threat of climate change I am glad to be able to support a motion to introduce important new polices on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide. Climate change is with us: we must all do all we can to deal with this problem”.

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