Extreme airbrushing unacceptable, according to new survey of women and girls

Co-founder of the Campaign for Body Confidence Jo Swinson MP has welcomed the findings of a new report which suggests women and girls prefer more natural images of beauty.

The research was compiled by advertising think-tank Credos, and follows recent ASA rulings against misleading cosmetics adverts and questions about the extent of airbrushing and digital manipulation in beauty advertising.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“Not only did 84% of young women surveyed say that airbrushing to change the body shape of a model in adverts is unacceptable, but the highest proportion of them chose a natural image when asked which was more beautiful.

“It’s clear that this group prefer advertising images which come closer to reflecting reality, rather than the damaging super-skinny ideals which we are constantly bombarded with.

“Growing concerns about idealised images and recent ASA rulings against misleading ads have already given the advertisers food for thought. By taking on board the views highlighted in this research, advertisers have the opportunity to connect successfully with young women instead of damaging their brand with this group.”

Credos’ research will be released publicly on 7th December 2011. For more information and to download a copy of Credos’ research, visit their website: www.credos.org.uk . For more information on the Campaign for Body Confidence, see the website: www.campaignforbodyconfidence.org.uk

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