Failure to answer West Lothian Question will do long-term constitutional damage – Jo

Jo has called for a Constitutional Convention to address the West Lothian Question

Jo Swinson has warned of the consequences for Scotland if the UK’s constitutional anomalies are not addressed.

Jo addressed a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats’ Federal Conference yesterday evening entitled ‘Answering the English Questions’, and revisit the topic tonight with a speech to a Chard Group fringe on ‘The West Lothian Question’.

Commenting on the issues being debated at the fringe meetings, Jo said:

“Our current constitutional arrangements are unsustainable. The West Lothian Question has never been adequately answered and if not addressed, the anomalies it highlights will continue to fester and fuel resentment against Scottish MPs over time.

“Rather than allowing such resentment to provoke kneejerk constitutional change, we must further examine how our system for devolving power in the UK can be improved. While there are certainly no simple answers, the best way to proceed is, in my view, to hold a Constitutional Convention that would allow us to seek a solution through robust and open debate on the issues involved.

“If the English people want a national Parliament or greater power devolved to the regions, this is for them to decide.”

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