Fairview Court residents press Jo Swinson on Council Tax reforms

Lib Dem plans to scrap Council Tax and increase pensions were popular with Fairview Court residents

Jo Swinson and local Councillor Fiona Risk today visited the residents of Fairview Court in Milngavie to discuss Liberal Democrat plans to scrap Council Tax and increase pensions. Local residents were particularly concerned at the burden of Council Tax on elderly people.

Jo Swinson said, “Council Tax is unfair because it takes no account of ability to pay. Hundreds of local people have already signed my petition to scrap the Council Tax and replace it with a local income tax based on earnings. It was great to meet the residents at Fairview Court, many of whom have supported this campaign, as well as the petition for Fairer Pensions.”

Cllr Fiona Risk said, “I have every sympathy with pensioners who feel unfairly treated by the Council Tax system. That’s why as Liberal Democrats we are campaigning to change it.”

Local residents raised various issues which Cllr Risk agreed to look into, such as gritting of the pavement outside Fairview Court and on the approach to Tesco. Discussion also included the improved facilities for children and young people in Lennox Park, problems with inconsiderate cycling and driving in the precinct and the need for a postbox nearby.

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