Food waste bad for your bank balance – Jo

Local MP Jo Swinson is directing local residents towards resources that can help them cut down on food waste following yesterday's publication of the report Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not.

The report, which claims that as much as half the world's food is never consumed, blames poor storage, strict sell-by dates, bulk offers and consumer fussiness for the problem.

Every year in Scotland the average person throws away 120 kilograms of food. This figure translates to £430 wasted annually per household.

Commenting Jo Swinson said:

"In Scotland we throw away 566,000 tonnes of food every year. That's a staggering amount, enough to fill Hampden more than 11 times.

"Following a few simple tips can help all of us bring this number down.

"Cutting back on food waste can also save the average family here in East Dunbartonshire £430 per year.

"Planning your meals for the week, and writing a list so you don't shop for things you already have, will help keep more money in your pocket. For more tips visit to find out about reducing the amount of food you throw away and how to get more out of your weekly shop."

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