Fresh elections needed in Kenya

Jo suggested travel bans could be applied to Mr Kibaki and members of his Government

Jo Swinson has called for a fresh elections to take place in Kenya, to address the current political crisis affecting the country.

Jo spoke in a debate in Parliament today on Kenya, in her new role as Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. Over 600 Kenyans have been killed and 250,000 displaced following the disputed Presidential elections on 27th December.

Speaking during the debate, she said:

“The direct cause of the bloodshed was the manipulation of the Presidential election result. As we enter the second day of protests in Kenya, the potential for further large-scale loss of life is very real.

“Pressure must be brought to bear on Mr Kibaki so that Kenya can have a transitional government and fresh elections. Failing to act now will push Kenya closer to the brink.”

Commenting further after the debate, she said:

“The violence that sparked in Kenya at the turn of the year has become a political and humanitarian crisis. First and foremost, it is essential that aid reaches the quarter of a million Kenyans struggling for food and shelter following the violence.

“The UK and the international community must be united in its rejection of Mr Kibaki as Kenyan President and its condemnation of the election rigging that has taken place. We must push for a transitional power-sharing agreement to be established so that a timetable for fresh elections can be mapped out.”

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