Fuel duty freeze right decision to support families – Jo

Commenting on the news that the Coalition Government has decided to postpone the August fuel duty rise, local MP Jo Swinson said:

"This decision recognises that for many people in East Dunbartonshire a car is essential. Postponing the fuel duty rise will help support families at a time when they need help.

"With the price of oil falling, the Coalition Government has ensured all of the savings can be passed on to families at the pump. It was the right decision for the right reasons.

"These savings come on top of the Coalition Government's Income Tax cuts every year for ordinary working families, which has meant a total Income Tax cut of £550. Thanks to this decision by Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government, no one will pay any Income Tax over the first £10,000 they earn by 2015. "

Commenting further, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander said:

"Labour's legacy to British families was year-on-year rises in fuel taxes and when we came into government, the Liberal Democrats rightly put a stop to this.

"Thanks to decisions this Coalition Government has taken, fuel tax is 10p a litre lower than it would have been had we stuck to Labour's plans."

Commenting further, Founder of Fair Fuel UK, Peter Carroll who met with Danny Alexander recently to discuss fuel duty, said:

"I was particularly struck by Danny Alexander's interest in the argument that keeping fuel duty down could boost the economy. It speaks highly of Danny and the Treasury team that they have listened and reacted and kept pressure off hard pressed families and businesses."

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