Get girls active for body confidence – Jo

With the 45th International Children’s Games beginning this week in Lanarkshire, Jo Swinson MP highlighted how girls can improve their body confidence by leading active lives.

Speaking at a health and wellbeing conference accompanying the Games, attended by delegates from over a dozen countries, Jo emphasised the important role that physical activity plays in developing positive body image.

As co-founder of the Campaign for Body Confidence, Jo highlighted the relationship between body confidence and physical activity, and spoke about ways to remove the barriers to girls’ participation in sport.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“With girls at increasingly younger ages embarking on diets and facing the misery of body dissatisfaction in our looks-obsessed society, we must shift their focus onto admiring their bodies for what they can do. Leading an active life is vital to developing positive body image, but whether through ill-fitting kit or a lack of emphasis on women role models, girls are facing serious barriers to participating in sport.

“Both the International Olympic Committee-recognised Children’s Games starting today and the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 provide a great opportunity to harness girls’ enthusiasm and encourage their involvement in sport – for their health as well as as their sense of body confidence.”

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