Get in touch with Tesco over Milngavie plans – Jo

Jo has encouraged local residents to make their views known to Tesco on their Milngavie plans.

Following the recent submission of Tesco’s Proposal of Application Notice ahead of a second application for an expansion of their Milngavie store, Jo has emphasised the need for Tesco to listen to community concerns.

The supermarket does not seem willing to make significant changes to the scale of the previous proposal. Community groups have strongly asserted that this is unacceptable, and Jo is now asking local people to contact Tesco and play a part in the campaign.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“Local people need a store that is right for Milngavie, not a store double the current size that overshadows the historic Gavin’s Mill and the village. Tesco must rethink the entire scale of their development rather than just tweaking their previous proposal.

“People pressure is vital, and Tesco must not ignore the voice of the community, so do email your views to [email protected] – mentioning that you are a customer and saying whether you would be tempted to shop elsewhere if they impose a store that is wrong for Milngavie, as well as copying me into your email –[email protected]

  1. For updates and further information see Jo’s Tesco web

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