Government must act to end Scottish banknote anomaly

Jo Swinson is increasing pressure on the Government to give Scottish banknotes legal protection when used elsewhere in the UK.

Currently, there is no legal requirement for Scottish or Northern Irish banknotes to be accepted beyond their borders.

The matter has been raised in Westminster by Liberal Democrat MPs, with the Government responding that while Scottish money is valid currency in England, in every case it is the individual’s choice whether they accept it.

Commenting, Jo said:

“It is bizarre that money can be withdrawn from Scottish banks and not accepted in England, while many shops in England now accept Euros.

“It is only by historical accident that this separation exists. The Government must take action to ensure that Scottish banknotes are given proper legal protection.

“The legal status quo of leaving it to the individuals in question to decide is flawed because even some train ticket machines in England do not recognise them. It is high time legislation was passed to iron out this anomaly, which can be highly inconvenient for Scots visiting south of the border.”

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