Government must admit faults on Equitable Life

Jo attacked the Government for dragging its feet over Equitable Life

Jo Swinson will lead a debate at Westminster on Equitable Life from 11am today.

Commenting ahead of the debate, she said:

“The Government has sought to put-off, postpone, defer and delay the actions needed to bring the Equitable Life saga to a close. After eight years and 13 reports, they must realise that Equitable Life policyholders aren’t going to give up and go away.

“Ministers have spent years failing to face facts, but now the Ombudsman has put the writing on the wall. No more delays, no more dodging the issue. The time has come for the Government to face up to its responsibilities to Equitable Life policyholders. Let’s not forget that over 30,000 Equitable Life policyholders have died since the events of 2000. For them, justice delayed has been justice denied.

“First, Gordon Brown must admit fault and apologise to policyholders. Second, he needs to set out a transparent, independent and credible process of dialogue with policyholders over compensation.”

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