Government set to repeat mistakes on energy consultation

Jo Swinson at Hunterston B power station Aug 06

Jo Swinson is opposed to the Government’s policy of building a new generation of nuclear power stations

Jo Swinson has raised fears that the Government will press ahead with building new nuclear power stations, in spite of a High Court ruling that its public consultation on new nuclear power was “seriously flawed”.

Speaking in the House of Commons today, Jo asked Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Alastair Darling:

“Following last week’s High Court ruling that the Energy Review consultation was “seriously flawed”, the Prime Minister said “This won’t affect the policy at all”.

“Today the Secretary of State has announced a new consultation, but in light of the Prime Minister’s pre-emptive comments, surely the new consultation will be as seriously flawed as the last one?”

Commenting later, Jo said:

“The Prime Minister has long been accused of pre-empting the results of his Energy Review, having made up his mind to press ahead with building new nuclear power stations. Last week’s High Court verdict confirmed fears that the consultation was a sham.

“With the Prime Minister having reiterated that his energy policy will not change, the Minister’s promise of a new consultation rings very hollow indeed.”

The case against the Government was brought to the High Court by Greenpeace, who alleged that the Energy Review consultation was flawed. Greenpeace accused the Government of failing to present clear proposals and information on key issues surrounding a new generation of nuclear power.

In a statement today, the Secretary of State announced that a new energy consultation will be published, along with the Government’s Energy White Paper, in May this year.

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