HS2 will serve Glasgow from day one – Jo

Commenting on the announcement of Phase 2 of High Speed 2 which will bring fast connections to East Dunbartonshire Jo said:

"The next phase of High Speed 2 will shorten journey times to East Dunbartonshire and give us a transport system that is ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

"HS2 is expected to reduce the journey times between Glasgow and London by at least 30 minutes and up to an hour, without the need to change trains. These better services would help provide benefits to the Scottish economy of around £3 billion.

"Liberal Democrats are committed to building a stronger economy, where every part of the country gets its fair share of investment. HS2 is an important part of that commitment to rebalancing the economy.

"Not only will it bring growth by transferring millions of journeys to rail, it will help to reduce road congestion and take some of the pressure off many UK airports."

More information:

HS2 will serve Glasgow and Edinburgh from day one by running classic compatible trains connecting to the WCML near Golborne, splitting 400m trains at Carstairs into two sets of 200m. The reverse would also be possible, with two 200m trains from Edinburgh and Glasgow joining to make a 400m train that would run to London.

The initial service specification for Phase 2 includes two trains per hour to Scotland, each of which could split at Carstairs to serve Edinburgh and Glasgow with two trains per hour

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